Ever since Q-Flex Fitness conception, I knew the possibilities were endless. As long as I had a yearning desire, to help people naturally look and feel amazing, everything I was envisioning would come to fruition. Now here I am, in the beginning stages of building a fitness company that is the first of its kind. Through a grass roots effort, we have managed to launch and begin sales of 8-9 different fitness plans designed by me. These products were put together using a wide range of fitness experience and knowledge which I have picked up over the last 7 years of my life as an athlete.


I come from a family where everyone played a sport during grade school and college. I always knew my purpose would definitely be connected to fitness and it makes perfect sense being that I have been playing basketball my whole life. I live and breathe fitness and basically always have when I think about it. I love what it does for me so much that I want to share it with the world, just in my own special way. My intention is to help as many people as possible to feel incredible inside and out. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had a smile on their face because they feel healthy and naturally energetic. I am teaching people how to look good, feel strong and be fit. I see the miracle of what positive reinforcement does for a budding idea…it CHANGES LIVES. I am living proof that I have a great product that is credible and works. I am starting a New Fitness Movement and its all about Being in Good Health, Feeling Naturally Strong with Vitality and Looking Super Shmexy. What I am showing people how to do, through the various products that we offer, is what everyone needs to know to get fit and stay there. Being fit is an attitude which must be embraced in order to master it.


Since I have been showing individuals how to be fit, I have noticed that not only do they look amazing but their lives have changed dramatically for the better. Their whole outlook on life has switched gears from negative to positive. It has been very rewarding to see people who came to me down on themselves, start experiencing a renewed feeling of excitement, a new found confidence in themselves, true freedom and satisfaction! It is Priceless…and I am not going to stop here, I intend to come out with a Q-Flex clothing line to accentuate your new image. This idea was inspired by the response I would get from people when I would wear some of the clothes I’ve made. It just so happens, the kind of clothes I create that inspires me to workout, also inspires others the same way. I have ideas that won’t quit from Organic Fragrances to Shmexy Jewelry/Accessories to Q-Flex Foot Wear to Q-Flex Wellness Fitness Spa’s all over the world! I Intend to have everybody feeling Shmexy before I’m through.. And With your donation, You will be helping Q-FlexFitness manifest all over the world, helping hundreds of millions of people get fit before you know it. You will be supporting Q-FlexFitness to achieve its mission which aims at helping all people feel good and healthy. All people, all ages, all genders, all over the world! Its time that we all come together for the good of the whole. I appreciate any donation that is made to Q-flexfitness and I will keep giving back to the people because that is what life is all about..and Nothing feels better than helping someone in need. Give a donation for a great cause! The Sky is the Limit…